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With SellYourRights we are trying to establish a new paradigm of digital media distribution. We are a start-up supported through an EXIST-Gründerstipendium at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, and are hosted by the E-Incubator.


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  1. What is SellYourRights?

    SellYourRights is the answer towards the distribution of digital content in the highly interconnected world we are living in. Having said this SellYourRights deals with the distribution of music, software, movies, literature and pictures. More than just a business model SellYourRights is best to be understood as an idea, a philosophy, or weltanschauung. We belief in two basic paradigms:

    1. The creators of digital content are one of the most valuable and critical assets a networked information society can have. They are to be rewarded for what they do in an appropriate and fair way!
    2. Overall digital content is information and information is the more valuable the more people have it. The value of some digital content increases if it is reproduced, transformed or further developed into something new. Constraining the utilization of digital content ultimately destroys value! (this is the positive phrasing of our belief that you cannot control the usage of digital content - neither efficiently nor effectively. And this is basically a good thing.)

    SellYourRights is utilizing an alternative and innovative approach for distributing digital content online that is able to bridge this paradoxon. It enables the free and uncontrolled usage of digital content while ensuring an appropriate and fair revenue for the contents' creators. And this absolutely transparent and fair. Think of it like a democratized fair-trade approach towards digital media. An approach we would like to see truning into a mass-phenomenon!


  2. Why SellYourRights is different?

    The contemplative reader might think that there are so many ways for distributing digital content. So what's so special about SellYourRights?

    Certainly there are plenty of alternatives to regular online retailers such as iTunes, Napster or eMusic. There is AmyStreet where the price for a song starts with $0.00 and rises with the number of downloads up to $0.98. Then there is Jamendo where creators can release their songs under Creative Commons License and ask for donations. Other sites, such as Kerchoonz, offer free downloads and tell participating artists that they will share their ad-revenue with them.

    Obviously all those models deal with the digital product music only. SellYourRights will sooner or later deal with all kinds of digital products. This is the first difference - the least important one, though. More important is that none of the alternative approaches existing is able to bridge the gap between unrestricted usage of content sold and appropriate creator revenue. They either sell digital products piecewise to some sort of fixed price while trying to secure the creators revenue by constraining the usage of products sold, or they ask the creator to give away his/her product for free while promising some revenue through ad-sharing or donations - peanuts in most cases.

    SellYourRights is able to truly bridge the gap between appropriate creator revenue and freedome of use. This is the approache's power and the ultimate benefit to both, creators and customers.


  3. How does the SellYourRights-approach work?

    With SellYourRights the creator of some sort of digital content sells the rights of useage and exploitation of that product to the whole market at once! How this will be done we cannot tell right now. Sign up to our mailing-list and be the first to know when we go life.


  4. Power to the people! How our approach lets you decide.

    SellYourRights is probably the most democratic gassroots appraoch one can think of. It really empowers both most important sides of the digital distribution chain - the creators and the consumers! It gives creators the freedome to freely define their own revenue up-front and the consumers the freedome to freely determine the value the product has for them.

    It's basically a bargain betwenn the creator and all the people interetsed into the creator's product - those parties decide, noone else!


  5. Why should I, as a creator, partake?

    Mainly because this is your perfect chance for receiving a decent and fair revenue for your producing without running any risk while empowering your fans to spread and transmit your work absolutly legal and without hurting you. It's even in your interest if they share your product, as this might attract new people to your product.
    You lose nothing by that! But you win a whole new fan-base which you would have never reached without your product being traded in the public domain. This enhances your popularity and you can expect a couple of them to support your next product's release.

    In a nutshell: Secure your bottom line, empower the people and see how this trust will pay back!


  6. Why should I, as a consumers, partake?

    Simply because this is your one-time opportunity to get the products you like for the best price ever! The price you decide. Beyond, your commitment will enable the release of the product into the public domain, what means that you will be able to copy, share and use the product as much you want - absolutely legal! On the opposite products will not be released if not enough commitments are being made.

    In other words: Make a commitment and set the product free. No commitment, no product - that's how simple it is.


  7. How can I enhance the chances of successful release?

    Two simple things:

    1. Make-a-Commitment

      Your commitment - which size ever - will contribute to the auctions success. You are running no risk and are free to decide your own fair value!
    2. Spread-the-Word

      The more people partaking in this auction, the better the chance of the collection-amount being reached. Tell your friends, colleagues and family about it and make this event big!


For Creators

Use this platform to release your products into the public domain for real cash!

  • Set your digital total-buy-out value
  • Receive immediate cash-flow
  • Achieve higher returns on investment
  • Reduce costs of distribution

For Customers

Use this platform to liberate the digital stuff you love!

  • Decide your individual buy-in price
  • Receive highest product quality
  • Support your idol
  • Enjoy copying, sharing and mixing

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